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Our Club is dedicated to the longevity of bird keeping, in particular the expansive group of species within Pheasants, Waterfowl, and Game Birds. Our ethos surrounds conservation and education, as an inclusive Society, and the support of our Members is crucial for that to continue.

We encourage those interested to join our Society, and to help us continue the longevity of these species in Australian Aviculture.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. For up to date information, follow our Facebook Page.

Another pesky Parrot post - but when something is as special as this, right here in Australia, it’s so worth sharing!

A natural colour mutation of the Blue & Gold Macaws, happening right here! Very rare, but special to see some parent-reared youngsters.
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This was nearly two months ago. Father protecting the chicks.

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Get excited members. The December & January 2017/2018 copy of "The Duck" Gazette is hot off the press. The dining room office has been busy with addressing envelopes licking stamps and stapling.
For non members it will cost you less than a pack of smokes ($20 precisely) to receive the latest edition and one years membership. Any reduction in price and it would be called theft.
Stay tuned for more developments with The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia QLD Inc website and Facebook page.
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This incredible Event is happening right on our doorstep.

Our President, James Goodrich, will be in attendance throughout the weekend. If you're passionate about birds - join him there and secure your spot today!
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PARROTS 2018 - Coming this July! Ready to join us for our International Avicultural Convention? We have got stacks planned, with some incredible guest speakers, and prizes to be won. Here's some of t...

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A very big CONGRATULATIONS to our newly elected Executive Management Committee for 2018:

PATRONS: Dr Danny Brown, Mr Steve Robinson, & Mrs Stephanie Robinson

PRESIDENT: Mr James Goodrich


SECRETARY: Mr John Urane

TREASURER: Mrs Marcia Ludlow


LIBRARIAN: Mrs Marcia Ludlow


GENERAL COMMITTEE: Mrs Lee Scott, & Mr Allan Hooper (Life Member)

We wish them all the best for the year ahead!

If you have an interest in Pheasants, Waterfowl, Megapodes or Gamebirds; and believe you can make a contribution to them in Aviculture, get in touch! Either as a Member, or undertaking an active role in our Committee, you can join us to promote the longevity of keeping these species in Australia.
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You've run out of excuses for not attending the PWSA (QLD) Inc AGM held today.

Even the turkeys found time to participate.

I want to be polite but you get my drift and understand what I'm saying.
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