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Our Club is dedicated to the longevity of bird keeping, in particular the expansive group of species within Pheasants, Waterfowl, and Game Birds. Our ethos surrounds conservation and education, as an inclusive Society, and the support of our Members is crucial for that to continue.

We encourage those interested to join our Society, and to help us continue the longevity of these species in Australian Aviculture.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. For up to date information, follow our Facebook Page.


A bit of fun for our Followers!

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COMPETITION TIME Our resident Green-Winged Macaw, Akira, is getting a boyfriend! ❤️ He is joining us from The Australian Macaw Research Centre. You can read all about them here: www.fac...

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How incredible is this!

Without doubt the rarest Pheasant species in Australian captivity; the Siamese Fireback (Lophura diardi)

Please Share this video with your contacts!

Despite it being on the brink of extinction in Australian captivity, we'd love to hear if anyone has one of these rarities in their collection.

A member of the Lophura genus, which the Fireback shares with other Gallopheasants that we have here in Australia such as the Silver, Swinhoe's, and the Nepal Kalij.

If the PWSA can do anything to help this species survive, we WILL!
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What a fantastic day was had yesterday for our May General Meeting!

A great turnout, which is brilliant for the Club. Fantastic to see some old faces back, as well as some new too!

We'll be announcing our July meeting in due course. If you'd like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter, please ensure your Membership is up to date.
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