Annual Members’ Award

One of the great things we offer to Members of The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society (QLD) is the opportunity to be presented with the coveted Ray Garwood Appreciation Award.

Ray was a pillar of The Pheasant & Waterfowl Society, assisting the Queensland Branch with its reformation in 1991. He was exceptionally passionate about our Club, and committed a lot of time to its success. An avid bird keeper, who was part of our Executive Management Committee, right up until his passing in 2004.

Winning this Award is the highest accolade that a Member can receive. It is presented by the Executive Management Committee for outstanding service to our Society, promoting its longevity, and being passionate about what we stand for.

We would like to individually congratulate winners, both past and present:

2017 – James Goodrich

James Goodrich wins Ray Garwood Award
Life Member, Allan Hooper, presenting President, James Goodrich, with the 2017 Ray Garwood Award!












2016 – James Goodrich

2015 – David Ferry

2014 – Marcia Ludlow

2013 – Rino Zandonadi

2012 – Cecil and Heather Davidson

2011 – Ian Dodds

2010 – Steven Armstrong

2009 – Danielle Jones

2008 – Allan Hooper

2007 – Lee Scott

2006 – Steven Armstrong

2005 – Bob Whitehouse