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Ducks are fascinating and intriguing birds, with many species across the World.

The native and exotic species that we have available in Aviculture make them a special addition to any private collection.


These often large waterfowl are popular for a wide variety of reasons. 

Sometimes stereotyped as aggressive or territorial, they can in fact make a wonderfully interesting addition to your private collection.

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The pinnacle of waterfowl is undoubtedly the Swans. 

A small group of birds that are famous for their beauty, elegance, and fascinating characteristics.

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Whether it's the wonderful contrasts among the Gallopheasants, the striking beauty of the Ruffed Pheasants, or the autumnal patterns of the Common Pheasants, there is so much to discover about these incredible species of wildfowl.

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These unique species of the bird world are fascinating, having some large feet amongst them as well as unique nest building habits. 

Whilst they aren't necessarily common in Aviculture, they are certainly in some collections.

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